Tall Juan, "Not Enough"

Post Author: Andre G

Many of us don’t quite consider what Thanksgiving actually means beyond the opportunity to scarf food down, see relatives, and watch the Macy’s Parade. Thanksgiving has become the most commercialized dinner in America – but what about the people indigenous to this country? Tall Juan is advocating for them in the visual for “Not Enough,” a rambunctious track from his upcoming Joya Nedo EP, which is set to be released in the US by BUFU records, in Peru by El Faro Records, in Japan by DOR Records, and in Argentina by Fuego Amigo Records.
The video splices up footage of Macy’s Day Parade’s of the past and present, including the priceless expression of befuddlement and disgust while watching a Barney cavort around on a giant float. Tall Juan says that the video was inspired by questioning how indigenous people actually feel about having to be inundated with the “festivities” year after year.
“While we celebrate this ‘holiday’; while we sit at the table with our family, we refuse to acknowledge what really happened on this day,” Juan said over e-mail. “And It’s so much easier to ignore when our focus is on consuming things that we want but don’t need. Not only did we look away in the past, we turn the cheek today, while native sisters and brothers are still suffering.”
There’s no date as of yet for Joya Nedo, but Juan will be doing an all-ages show at Brooklyn Bazaar on December 17th.