The Space Invadaz Go 8-Bit in “Flometheus” Video

Post Author: Andre G
Space Invadaz

Cincinnati duo Space Invadaz is debuting the vibrant video for their “Flometheus” single. The two-man  group—comprised of MCs Buggs tha Rocka and Donte (from MOOD)–began working together after individually garnering status in the Cincinnati underground Hip-Hop scene. They signed to Javotti Media Group last year, and released their Contact mixtape in April.

“Flometheus” is the last song on Contact, a minimalist production which the rhymers dominated with their charismatic deliveries and rapid-fire lyricism. The “Flometheus” video showcases the duo in a sidescroller videogame, first traversing through an 8-bit replication of the group’s native Cincinnati before floating through flaming netherworlds and other glitchy locales, “battling giant cops and wack rappers trying to stop them from saving hip hop.”

UnJust, the video’s creator, infused glitch and surreal elements into the video, creating several borderline-psychedelic moments. The video for “Flometheus” is an amusing, visually enthralling journey that matches the rambunctious nature of the song.