Tough Age, “Nicolas Bragg” (CUB cover)

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Cub were a three-piece band from Vancouver who put out four records between 1993 and 1997, and also released tons of EPs and singles. Their sound was immediately recognizable, a minimal type of scrappy wide-eyed twee pop that some called “cuddlecore”. The video above is made of footage from their 1993 single on Mint Records, “Nicholas Bragg”, but the music is by a contemporary Mint Band, Tough Age. For this year’s Record Store Day, Tough Age decided to pay homage to Cub by covering their entire 1993 Hot Dog Day EP. “Cub were one of the bands that really made me want to make music, years before I ever tried,” says Tough Age frontman Jarrett K. “I wanted to wear that on my sleeve. I wanted to do the pop equivalent of that Sic Alps Tronics EP.” There may have been one other motivation too: “I really, REALLY thought if I did this they would have no choice but to reunite and play our release show. I’m a dreamer.” Watch the video above.