Troller, “Not Here”

Post Author: JP Basileo

The aftermath of a breakup can lead to interpretations of hellish torment or conflicted happiness, as is made evident in darkwave trio Troller’s video for their track, “Not Here”, the first single off their forthcoming LP, Graphic, out April 8 on Holodeck Records (co-run by the band’s own Adam Jones). The song is a brooding and building emulsion of synth tones and heavy bass, weighted in simply-stated lyricism and a high-quality drum machine. Like the unnerving immobility of sleep-paralysis, singer Amber Goer is unable to move, yet conscious of the fact that she should. The video, directed by Melissa Cha, is perhaps even more haunting than the music, incorporating an ominously emotive dance by drag performer Louisiana Purchase. The act only grows increasingly feverish as the track builds in its darkened layers of synthesized sound, with Louisiana eventually submitting, onstage, to dominatrix Domme Discordia and her assistant, O. The visuals remain uncertain as to whether pleasure or pain is being derived from the display, and from the song’s subject of separation.