Uncivilized, “Stupid Gurus”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

It’s silly to me that a band of such size – and with such great talent – would need any type of introduction. In fact they almost don’t, as the music speaks for itself. But New York’s experimental Americana orchestra Uncivilized has been making miraculous sounds together since 2012. The current lineup – and stars of the music video we are premiering today – includes Rachel Housle (percussion), Coleman Bartels (percussion), Dominic Mekky (sound design), Cameron Kapoor (sound design), Nick Jozwiak (double bass), Levon Henry (clarinet), Ben Katz (bass clarinet), Tristan Cooley (flute), Casey Berman (tenor sax), Julian Cubillos (electric guitar), and Tom Csatari (electric guitar, slide, composition). Wow. That’s a mouthful. And today, we’ve got that visual premiere for their single “Stupid Gurus”.

The video begins – almost hauntingly – with white noise and wind along a barbed wire fence. As the description might suggest, we can only assume that it was filmed in a vacant lot. In fact, band leader Csatari has a bit of an obsession with vacant lots, so this location in Brooklyn appealed to him from the start. The video hosts the band as they play with dissonance in sound while the song slowly progresses into its full capacity. Filmed exquisitely by Joe Labate, you get a look into Uncivilized’s unique – and enrapturing – performance style. It’s a vibrant esthetic for a lively piece.

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