Waldemar, “Visions”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“Visions” is part of both a generational, and universal story, of unfulfilled purpose and hope within a society where decades of hard work and disproportional returns scatter most ambitions. Waldemar, as most good things do, began quite accidentally. Starting as simply the name and content of a song, the parallels between ‘Waldemar’ and creator and solo-artist Gabe Larson’s own identities and struggles were too clear to ignore.

“Visions” is a transcendental, ethereal treat, creating an atmosphere of tension and emotion. Vocals that fill rooms do the same for creating near-spiritual chills throughout, of which we’ve always found an indication of intentional and inspired design.

Worth mentioning is that Waldemar is of Eau Claire, WI, home to elite production talent in Evan Middlesworth and Brian Joseph, lending themselves to names like Bon Iver, Local Natives, and Sufjan Stevens.

Waldemar can be found on Facebook. Their debut EP, Visions, will be out on Jan. 13th, 2017.