Hunterchild, “So Bad”

Several weeks after the release of their new self-titled album, Indiana band Hunterchild (Luke Aaron Jones and Marty Sprowles) premiere the video for "So Bad", the third installment in a trilogy of music videos from the debut LP. Each part of the trilogy treats a particular section of the story's non-linear timeline, along which the duo face the various—often violent—consequences of trying to defy the laws of time.

Jones' vocals sit harshly on his throat, as if it pains him to tell this story: "We all want something that we've never had/ We all want something that's both good and bad/ But I've never wanted someone so bad." As the lyrics repeat themselves, the song's orchestral backing drives the emotional heaviness home. The new video, shot in red and black, rounds out the trilogy with a literal and figurative bang.

Hunterchild is available now via Temporary Residence Ltd or iTunes.