Wrinkles, “Father J”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Wrinkles might be from Missoula, Montana, but don’t think that their location makes them any less hardcore. With music described as “synth-rock/post-punk” and comparisons drawn from Wolf Parade and Starfucker, you know this quintet of 22 year old guys knows how to party. (We’re not just referring to the “Fuck Wrinkles” tank tops we’ve seen on their fans. Holy hell they’re amazing.) And we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest music video for their song “Father J”.

The video starts out slowly, filtered with pinks and yellows like a dream could just be beginning. The guys are chanting in the background, and it almost feels like you’ve entered a temple with the track behind the video. But then it all just seems like a regular day in the life, riding bicycles through town and browsing through vinyl at a record shop. The deal is, everyone is staring.


Well, then the video gets a bit weirder when a being–perhaps a ghost, what’s going on?–appears adorned in different colored lace, crawling out of the machine at a laundromat, partaking in interpretive dance surrounded by trees, etc. And why are people chasing our protagonist through the streets? Where did all of those lace-covered figures come from? Is this a dream? Is he tripping? What’s up?

Here’s the deal. Ritual sacrifice or not, we love this video. It’s interesting, just crazy enough to match the personalities of the guys that make up Wrinkles, and insanely fun.

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