YC the Cynic, “Night Thoughts”

While we'd file "YC the Cynic reading us Dr. Seuss's Oh The Places You'll Go as a bedtime story" under: yes, please, if it is required that Frank the Bunny be present, we'll have to pass.

YC the Cynic just dropped a video for "Night Thoughts", which features a debutante on a drunk stumble home to turn in for the night. As she drifts into REM, she's visited by dark passengers in bunny suits and YC the Cynic, here to deliver his narrative of love lost. Produced by Yuri Beats, "Night Thoughts" is a loose end for now, residing as a track released post-GNK, but with no announcement of a new project in the works.

YC the Cynic's GNK is still available via Bandcamp.