Zoology releases new visuals for "Waterfalls"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The duo Zoology reveals the first official video for the EP track “Waterfalls”. The Canadian British pair just released their new EP Bloom that offers the listeners the likelihood of floating away as we hear the complex and dainty guitar/vocals. Zoology first came together when Emily Kreger and Beau Diakowicz became connected over Instagram, even though the two were in different parts of the world they somehow wrote and released their first track ever “Escape” last year without ever meeting in person. Stream the full EP below.

“Waterfalls” gives us a feel of just how potent Neo-Soul mixed with a little pop can be. The track grants us a beautiful lullaby with an unmistakable voice and sound that we don’t hear every day. With new unforgettable visuals, it will be hard to contain yourself from humming this tune for the rest of your day.