6'7 gets Hype Williams'ed

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Hype Williams owned MTV air time in the 90s before music videos were exiled to the MTV website. Williams created brilliant new worlds that included Miss Eliot in a giant trash bag, Busta Rhymes the psychedelic African prince, Dr. Dre and Tupac's Mad Max vision of California and of course the shiny suit era of rappers.

Hype Williams did so much for the hip hop video that he's become a genre and a verb in the industry. If this were the 90s, Hype would have been strict in sticking to the Inception theme for Lil' Wayne's “6'7'” video. It's not though. Hype Williams has been there, done that and hit a point where he can just
mash-up his greatest achievements and it still shits on 90% of music
videos made. Hype on auto-pilot results in Lil' Wayne running rampant, making the video for “6'7'” a mad dash attempt at a documentary to Wayne's world where his lyrics come to life in the most literal of senses. It's damn near impossible to keep up, but Hype pulls it off, proving he is still one of the greatest of all-time.