Black Milk never sleeps

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Inbox spring cleaning led to the discovery of hella Black Milk related music. Let us school you on Mr. Milk in 2009

Leading off are couple web-exclusive Black Milk songs, possibly leftover from Tronic.

Black Milk, “Dreams”

Black Milk, “Mo Power”

Apart from touring Europe with Elzhi, Milk is busy putting his people on once again. Press releases love to mention Milk's production work for the group Random Axe, comprised of Sean Price and Guilty Simpson. The group is expected to drop an album in early 2009.


But it wouldn't be a Black Milk post without mention of Detroit rappers. Finale's life reads like the unwritten script for 8-Mile 2. A former automotive engineer, Finale promised to one day follow his dream of being chief mic rocker. He worked the open mic/battle circuit in Detroit, eventually joining the company of Guilty Simpson and One.Be.Lo. Milk has put his golden touch on Finale's debut A Pipe Dream and a Promise, out now!

Finale, “Motor Music”

Finale, “One Man Show”

Finale, “One Man Show” (8-bit remix feat. Casual