L.A. on the re-up

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It is time to let Tupac go, seriously people, lets start enjoying L.A. again, instead of limiting your west coast rap collection to the Death Row discography. Maybe you have, in which I will ask you to look further than the Living Legends and Stones Throw camps or not completely hitch your bandwagon to the Low End Theorizers.

Since releasing a stunning debut with producer Exile, Blu is a name on everybody's tongues, even ours and the blue man is showing no signs of slowing up with his latest group Johnson & Johnson with producer-on-the-mic Mainframe.

No confirmation on a J&J LP release date yet, nor word if this name is getting the young rappers sued up from the boot up, but the video “Bout It Bout It” is a visual introduction to L.A.'s new breed with Flying Lotus and Ta'Raach of C.R.A.C.C. making appearances.
Speaking of Ta'Raach and C.R.A.C.C. here is another video that is crack to me.

Sharing a spot with C.R.A.C.C. on Tres Records' incredible lineup, is Shawn Jackson, whose name might read as far too common to be remembered, but Jackson far from common. “Feelin' Jack” is the first single from his debut First of All…. Similar in aesthetic to the J&J video, Jackson is rapping in a white backdrop as images in his verses are taken literally.

Shawn Jackson gets props here for “wake up in the morning, turn on my cell phone/ fronting in the mirror, straight turning myself on,” a phrase that has replaced my morning routine of quoting “La Di Da Di.”