Listen: Ne-Yo, “Boyz”

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This is one of those cool behind-the-scenes things that we rarely get to hear. Ne-Yo wrote this song, recorded it, and then submitted it for Beyonce's new album and it sounds like it could definitely be a single. This track is funny for two reasons:

1) We get to hear Ne-Yo serenade a man.
2) I'm not 100% here, but I'm pretty sure the line “I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess” is a direct quote from the movie Clueless. Am I right?

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and start a contest right now. If you can verify that the line is from Clueless by posting a link in the comments section, you will win… Yup, it will be your site. And, if you turn it into a successful cat video website you'll also win two years of free labor from the staff. Good luck, everybody!

Ne-Yo,”Boyz” (demo for Beyonce)

[Download it]