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Digging up psychedelic treasures like Corey Feldman on molly!

Stainless Steele is a producer-on-the-mic-slash-goonie-from-Pennsylvania who has been treasure hunting in record shops. The result is Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels, an album that is “hotter than the bottom of a heroin spoon” — Stainless Steele's words, not mine.

Oddly enough, the dark simile is a fitting comparison, as Stainless Steele's often crawls along in moody production that matches well with his grim wordplay. It's a trip hop influenced midnight record fitting for the drift from fall to winter. (Something that's still a relevant phenomenon for those of us on the left coast, suckers!)

Stainless Steele, “Deep Sea Creatures”

Stainless Steele, “Campfire Stories”