Chelsea Wolfe, “The Waves Have Come”

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Chelsea Wolfe has a new album coming to us next month on Sargent House, and if Pain is Beauty isn't the perfect title for it, we really can't think of a second-best. “The Waves Have Come”, which results from Wolfe's album reflecting on the unpredictable wiles of natural earth, is an ode to water and earth and the power it has over us. In eight minutes of unbelievable drama and cinematic build-up, we hear Wolfe's most expressive track yet. The addition of a piano, strings, and layers upon layers of vocal tones makes this is a step above for Wolfe's output. She's breaking into the heightened emotional territory she was always on the brink of. Absolutely gorgeous.

Pain is Beauty will be available from Sargent House on September 3 here, and you can catch Wolfe on the road below.