In the beginning, there was this DD/MM/YYYY value-pak

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dd mm yyyy silk screen

The Toronto band DD/MM/YYYY (“Day Month Year”) recently re-released the first things they recorded together. The sounds put to tape hover in the imperfect tense of things happening all at once long ago in a foggy haze (far from the flawless execution they spit out a bazillion times a year on a relentless touring schedule in present times). Even the casual fan who has heard the tell-tale rhythmic schizophrenia of a newer DD/MM/YYYY tune can pick out the nostalgia of a band you never thought would play one single slow burner throwing ten or so down-tempo oozers onto a 12-inch.

This was back in the day stuff, the earliest incarnation of the band when it was a four-piece sans their drummer/keyboardist Moshé Rozenberg, and it's been packaged in style, with the 12-inch, Journey to and Escape from the Fortress of the Fluffy Love Cloud stuffed in alongside the Blue Screen of Death 7-inch, not to mention some amazing silk screen work.

While the 12-inch is basically like the monolithic B-Side of Moodiness to all that you knew about DD/MM/YYYY, in which there are actual soul-infusions, tropic-guitar licks, and basement bummout organ grinders, (this was five years ago, when no one cared to comply to these kinds of trends), the 7-inch A and B-side lead offs finger the groove they've ended up needling on the ever maddening and future tense classic Black Square (which, by the way, is getting a re-release as we speak in Europe on Invada Records), and beyond.

And beyond. In an edition of 500.

This all comes packaged within the silk-screened cardboard pictured above (along with some other small “goodies” we didn't photograph):