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Wume, <i>Distance</i> 12-inch

Al Schatz was a member of Bird Names for over five years. While that project relocated to Athens, Schatz is still in Chicago making music under the name Wume (“Woom”), along with Baltimore/Wham City transplant April Camlin. On their first 12-inch, called Distance and out now on Rotted Tooth records, they traverse the well-worn tundra of ambient minimalism and stone cold Kraut-crafted beats. “Ciesla Swing” is a refreshing sub-three minute slice of undulating tones and trippy, buried utterances.

Wume, “Ciesla Swing”

The A-side of the release features a fifteen minute long track called “I'm Around Midnight – To Many Riders” that displays the full power latent in these tasty, controlled morsels, with Camlin's creamy vocals greasing up the mix as the beat goes on, and on. You'll have to check out the wax for that.