Wildly alluring Sharon Gong

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Sifting through one of my favorite tumblr blogs, Blood is the New Blackk, I find a seemingly innocent photograph of a girl holding her lace skirt up to expose her sheerly veiled body in pastel underwear. Being drawn to the 'quality' of the photo, I click on the redirect link and soon get completely enraptured in Sharon Gong's world of beautiful young things. It feels voyeuristic, it's almost pornographic. Naturally, I can't stop.

I read an excerpt from her blog:

“I made plans with my dear Madeleine a few months back to go on a trip around Europe the summer after our senior year. Just kids, no itinerary. It's a big dream compared to what we're currently bound by and I'm dubious about its conclusion but for now, in my mind…it's going to fucking happen. By the time we both turn 18 we'll be wrestling out of our skins from living in this goddamn city for so goddamn long. The suburbs are a leech. We can worry about the drawbacks later, we're young.”

Okay, shit, she's not even 18, or maybe she's 18 now, (not that age should really matter) but whatever the case she's young and talented and I hope to God she's not some stuck up artsy bitch that turn up in every high school. Doubtful. I shared her work with friends. Some felt it was downright uninteresting, some admired the simple portraiture and lighting techniques, others saw the better ones as ageless. You can form your own opinion.

I was automatically drawn to the aesthetic beauty of her photographs not unlike ones found on previously covered photoblogs, Blood of the Young or the Land Between Here and Mountains. Hey, I know what I like, and I'm sticking to it.