Art zine by Tomas del Balso of DD/MM/YYYY

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I'm not sure how Tomas Del Balso of DD/MM/YYYY found time to make a zine considering the ridiculous touring schedule he's put through and the spots on Dutch national television for which he's forced to give one liners (wait for it, they're the last segment, it's worth it).

I'm willing to bet his time management skills are far superior to mine. That, or he doesn't sleep.

Back in the summer of 2009, DD/MM/YYYY crashed at my Brooklyn apartment and we bonded over copious amounts of tea, smelly tour feet, and Civilization IV, while Tomas Del Balso opened up about his artistic background and preferences (straight up ink over the flexibility of pencil). He told us about a huge series of drawings he completed on tiny post it notes, that later blew right out the window of his Toronto home. His friends and bandmates of DD/MM/YYYY all drove out to salvage what they could in the snow, while Balso sat in the car with his head hung low.

Fast forward a couple months, and we have XXX, his new art zine filled with 40 drawings exclusive to the book “exploring the boundaries between humor and archaic archetypes representing conundrums of contemporary society.” His intricate drawings can be best described as the bastard children of Garbage Pail Kids and Basil Wolverton's Barflyze mixed with popular imagery, like the quintessential melty pizza of 2010. Needless to say this will be a great addition to your zine collection and purchasing a copy here for only $4 including shipping would make Tomas very happy.