Slapping foreheads with a “Duh!” over Jonwayne's Cassette

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jonwayne cassette

Was your reaction to Jonwayne's Cassette release and packaging the same as ours? Did you see the announcement on Stones Throw, immediately slap yourself in the forehead, and say “how did I never put that together?” We sure did. It was so obvious that it made us feel like when it came to intelligent thought, perhaps we drank a few too many brain cells to their demise.

Stones Throw and Jonwayne know they are sitting on gold with Cassette. No mp3s will exist from this, at least not for awhile. The label won't even release a tracklisting. With only the bare facts to go on, if you remember the 90s and purchasing cassettes because it was the best format for on-the-go listening, this will be a pleasant trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, the package that includes a portable cassette player are sold out. Our advice is to hit up a yard sale this weekend.

The layout was designed by Jeff Jank and includes the appropriate Surgeon General Warning: Contains Rap Music, Must Be Operated On An Audio Playback Device. Side A is Jonwayne and Jeremiah Jae rapping on Jonwayne production, while Side B is an instrumental session with Jonwayne. The track “Bukowski” is streaming below.

Jonwayne's Cassette is available in the Stones Throw store for $7.