The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival has finally arrived.

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The Brooklyn Comic and Graphics Festival is tomorrow and it will be a comic orgy of epic proportions!

I haven't been this excited and geeked out for a comics festival since a tiny elevator ride up with Michel Gondry on our way to see Seth and Adrienne Tomine a couple years back. He asked me if I knew who was speaking next, I was so nervous I just shrugged my shoulder and smiled, thereby destroying all hopes and dreams of future collaborations. Maybe not?

Fast forward years later and we have what is the first and best comics festival in Brooklyn thanks to Gabe from Desert Island and PictureBox. There will be guests: Gary Panter discussing his joys and process, Kim Dietch on animation, Ron Rege, Jr. on third dimensions, and a draw-off between Gabrielle Bell and R. Sikoryak. Not to mention the all day book signings, exhibitions from Le Dernier Cri, Drawn and Quarterly Montreal, and 1950's original comic art, among others.

To top off the day, Paper Route organized a show at Death By Audio for a night of performances by cartoonists including Boogie Boarder, Nick Gazin, Graffiti Monsters, and more.

The event is completely free. Check out this handy program guide for all the info you need.