The Kindle slayer is here

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The Flipback Kindle Slayer

Heard of the Flipback? It's the Kindle slayer. Don't believe me? Well, here's over 3000 google search results from the past 2 weeks to prove that you should at least consider it as the Kindle slayer.

The Flipback is a Netherlands/Euro thing, where text is printed in a wide format on olive-skin Bible paper, bound like a checkbook but the size of a cassette tape. It's small, fits in a pocket and can supposedly be read with one hand, the book spread open with your fingers.

The company or somebody tagged it the Kindle Slayer, a line that's hot in Google algorithms.

So is it? I don't know, the Kindle is dead to me, long live the iPad. Wait, the iPad is dead to me, long live hardback books. Wait, hardbacks are dead to me, they are too bulky, long live the simple paperback because it's already printed and its cheap and I can buy a bunch of copies. Wait, paperbacks are dead, long live the iPhone iBooks feature. It's smaller than an iPad so it's easier to carry around and is actually the same size as the Flipback. Wait, iPhones are dead to me, long live the Flipback because it won't cost as much, and literature is disposable.

It's so nice to live in this world. A world of literature explosion. Where books can be read on multiple devices and printed in multiple forms. Stop killing all these devices. Don't claim a winner. There can be multiple winners. We are all winners. We are all special. We can all win together.