Remembering Superbowl XLV

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The hot lit meme yesterday was #JaneAusteAtTheSuperBowl started by singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash on her Twitter feed. Of course that tag is now corrupt with people saying “Read #JaneAustenAtTheSuperBowl” which is one of the perils of Twitter I guess. Twitter needs a better filter feed. Anyway, some nice Austenites at AustenProse kept up a handy list from @

  • Regarding the Legume Chorale, it grieves me to note that the spectacle exceeds the musicality.
  • Some ladies are determined to sport bonnets made of cheese. I must take to my bed.
  • The manly vigor is indeed impressive, but I don’t have the pleasure of understanding the purpose.
  • One hopes the unfortunate incident involving the lady’s corset is not repeated on this occasion.
  • The gentleman in the stripes? A known blackguard! I send no compliments to his mother.
  • There is a uniformity of ill-favor in the appearance of the spectators. Who are their families? Tradesmen, surely.
  • Word arrives that there will be a longish pause midway through the event. One hopes to be excessively diverted.
  • Such lust for possession of an inanimate object so entirely lacking in aesthetic merit does not bode well.
  • Are they to be murdered on the field?! Such an ill-advised display of manhood is indeed alarming.
  • The proscribed repast is an abomination! Could we not conceive of a tea more pleasing and refined?

This one from John Wesley Harding (@WesleyStace) is also pretty good:

“A cheese bonnet!” exclaimed Mrs Bennett unexpectedly. “I have always wanted a splendid cheese bonnet!”

Not sure if these are more entertaining than a piece of fan fic about what Brett Favre was up to last night…