On Nick Hornby's record with Ben Folds

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I never know what to make of Nick Hornby. I've never read one of his books. I like The Believer stuff. Sometimes his movies are good, sometimes they are bad.

I'm just full of Nick Hornby ambiguity.

Now he's up with Ben Folds. They've got an album, called Lonely Avenue. One song is about Levi Johnston. Called “Levi Johnston Blues,” the chorus is lifted from Levi's Facebook page. Did Levi register with ASCAP for that one? Is that in public domain? Is it available at karaoke bars?

Ben Folds said this about Levi in The National Post:

there’s a side to be on, Nick and I are all for Levi. The kid had to
grow up super-fast. He’s just trying to make it all work — he f–ked up,
but he’s a person.”

Another song might have the word “linguine” in it.

Hornby now says “words don't come very easily to me,” which means he's tapped out and he must find another profession. Maybe he should message Levi Johnston for career advice.