Overrated writers = good insults

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Everyone loves themselves some lists, so Huffington Post's Anis Shivani just unleashed a talker a few days ago about the most overrated authors. Some of the authors I'd never heard of (so overrated, they're underrated), but it's secretly gratifying to us voyeuristic reader-writers to see William Vollman, John Ashberry, Jhumpa Lahiri and Amy Tan be taken down a notch.

But no matter the disparaged author, there are some good insults. Why don't we make our own list of the best insults from the list? We shall.

One of the following is Jonathan Safran Foer and I'll let you figure out the rest on your own.

“Always quick to jump on to the bandwagon of the moment”

“…poetry defines feminism turned upon itself, chewing up its own hot and bothered cadaver, exposed since the 1970s.”

“Ruined minority/ethnic fiction by pouncing upon a made-for-success
formula of family secrets wrapped in the multigenerational saga”

“Third-rate Pynchon desperate to impress with quantity rather than quality.”

“Workshop writing, dysfunctionality is thy name, and there is no better writer to learn family dysfunction from”