What to read (right now) XXVIII: #PoetrybyEmilyDickinson

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Poetry by Emily Dickinson

A new project floating around bears the hashtag #poetrybyemilydickinson. It's not a revival of the famous recluse's most important words, instead it's more of a co-option. It's taking a dead poet's identity and infusing some new life, hoping that a semi-popular search of “poetry by emily dickinson” would turn up some new writers.

The project creators are identified as J.Carter, R. Hyman and S. Roggenbuck encourages Twitter uses to tag tweets with the emily dickinson hashtag, then track the tag and then 'remix' those tweets into some sort of poem. The results are stashed on a Tumblr, complete with Emily's face.

John Dos Passos, William Burroughs, David Shields should all be proud.

(Full Disclosure: I have contributed a poem to this).