They done & did it: The Literary Magazine Club

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A few weeks ago, we looked at the proliferation of newly founded book clubs. HTML Giant has taken the step further by introducing the Literary Magazine Club, in which a lit-mag will be dissected on their very webpages.

This is savvy for HTML Giant for a few reasons:

1) Most of their readers/writers are vying or have vied in the past for a spot in these journals.

2) Many of their readers/writers make these journals.

3) It props up a curious vestige from the old college establishment, in which short fiction is given a voice, though is not read much by the masses. Kind of like if YouTube only existed for other filmmakers.

This is a positive venture. It'll treat the mags like their own little galleries and feature interviews with those publishers, (i.e. curators), and it will provide insight not only into the new authors featured, but also how authors and pieces and ideas are put together for a literary magazine.

Their first selection is the very fine New York Tyrant, and the analysis begins with this post.

Cheers all around. Plus it solidifies the Giant's place as left of center of The Nervous Breakdown or The Rumpus. Everyone needs to know their place in the exchange of cultural capital.