What To Read Right Now VIII

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This usually hits you on Monday, but now it's Thursday so what're you gonna do?

“Where The Trolls Live” by Eimile Denizer @ The Ear Hustler.

“Alaina wanted to defend her bathroom, but she felt too much the validity
of Suzanne’s criticism. Her bathroom was not even large enough for
Alaina to perform necessary tasks, like shaving her legs or having sex
in the shower, comfortably”

“Saint Luc” by Adam Moorad @ Thieves Jargon.

Zebra lines of rust rang the car’s dented body, and the license plate
was taped to the interior rearview. Luc circled the vehicle and looked
at me over his shoulder like a carnivore protecting a kill.

“This is the same way smugglers sell shit on the black market,” he said.

This is older but funny. “How to Build a Spaceship in 5 Easy Steps” by Douglas Silver @ Hobart.

You need friends. Interesting people with extensive, eclectic music
libraries on their IPods, who bring travel snacks (good snacks,
none of that caramel rice cracker or Hawaiian Punch shit) and
understand that you’re going to split up any tolls and gas.