What to read (right now) XIII

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Here's a fairly recent story from Brian Oliu inspired by the old video game, Maniac Mansion. From the looks of things, it's part of a larger collection about 8, 16 & 32-bit games and the memories that go along with them. “Maniac Mansion” by Brian Oliu @ House Talk.

I would be the horse with the broken leg that you would try to drown in a bucket of water. To win: leave. To win, know that this house is not a house where anyone could live. To win, know that these things serve a purpose—a stone in the basement, an attempt to make music, an attempt to make the world around love what is left.

So they have a tail. “Tail” by Jenny Johnson @ The Collagist.

I picture the shameful length of it poking along behind me as I walk down 5th Avenue,
the odd sheen of it, shimmering in shop windows,
How after too many beers, I’d lumber back into bed, its strangeness between my legs.

Really good piece about being born on Route 66. “La Tristesse durera toujours” by Catfish McDaris @ Girls With Insurance.

I was born a chubby slimy snot near a prairie dog town on Route 66. My old man pulled over his 48 Chevy with my ma screaming holy murder in the backseat. Some Navajo women stopped and helped with my delivery. All of them shaking their heads in disbelief at all 17 pounds of me. A state trooper directed traffic around my dad and the two families from Gallup…

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