A Peak Into Vinyl Williams’ Upcoming Brunei

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Lionel “Vinyl” Williams is a musician and visual artist from Los Angeles. You may not have heard of him yet, you’ve surely heard of his grandfather, aka John Williams, the brilliance behind the music for things such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park. With music in his blood, Vinyl is about to release his album, Brunei, which will be out later his month.

I had the opportunity to listen to a couple tracks off of the album – “Riddles of the Sphinx,” and “L’Quasar.” “Riddles of the Sphinx” was the first single to be released off of the upcoming record. The electronic sound paired with the tambourine creates a sound that is almost tribal, but modern at the same time. The rest of the instrumentals and vocals join in and it’s seamless, like one being just gliding along. The vocals are wispy and float along the other layers of music. This track has a thoroughly psychedelic feel and it’s just oh so smooth.

“L’Quasar” feels more solid than the last track. This was the second single to be released off of the record. The instrumentals are less transparent, and more rooted to the ground, while the vocals remain wispy and feathery light. The drum line is rock solid and provides a backbone for the rest of the track. This track has a completely dreamy vibe and it’s awesome.

Tour Dates (w/ Temples)
10/14-16 – Desert Daze, Joshua Tree #
10/21 – Turf Club, St Paul #
10/22 – Empty Bottle, Chicago #
10/23 – A&R Music Bar, Columbus #
10/24 – Lee’s Palace, Toronto #
10/26 – Bowery Ballroom, NYC #
10/27 – Rock & Roll Hotel, DC #
10/28 – Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia #
10/29 – Brighton Music Hall, Allston #

Brunei will be released on August 26th, via Company Records.