Download: Broken Cups' Slaves of the Grave

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Broken Cups

Regardless of my German childhood, I’ve been to Hungary a total of 1 time(s). During this visit, I ate the most incredible vegan treat, witnessed three attempted suicides, and stumbled upon Trafik Klub. I can’t remember who or what I saw there, other than the cool stonewalls that seemed to form a cavern around the dark EBM act that took the stage.

Fast-forward a few years and a good friend of mine; recently returning to New York from Budapest informs me of a great band she saw there — Broken Cups.

A quick visit to reveals the country’s mantra as “A love for life!” In classic post-punk rebellion, Budapest’s Broken Cups seem to embody its antithesis— a celebration of death. Slaves of the Grave, the band’s second LP and most definitive to date, harkens back to 80’s Goth (think early 4AD and then paint it black.) Truth be told, when I first heard the album I thought it was recorded well before 2012. Hauntingly vampiric vocals vibrate over a thick layer of loose reverb while repetitive chord progressions submit to each track’s dominating synth. There is little light here but dancing is better in the dark.

Download Broken Cups' Slaves of the Grave here and stream it here.