Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne can't save Grammys

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If for some reason you watched it, then you know.

There's no question that one of the rare coherent moments of last night's Grammy's came in the guise of the whole Weezy/Eminem/Drake (and Travis Barker) medley of “Drop the World” into “Forever”, but how about Quentin Tarantino dressed like a lesbian and shouting “hip hop is FO-EVA!”

Nevermind the copious censoring:

As the last synth horn sounded like the closing bell on Sports Center, it could not erase a night of regrettable duets and dinosaur frontmen. Mary J. Blige vs. Andrea Bocelli. Ten minutes of Bon Jovi. Taylor Swift vs. Stevie Nicks. Dave Matthews' dancing shoes. Relevance hasn't been the industry's strong suit, but in what bankrupt ratings lab do you create Placido Domingo and Mos Def co-presenting Best Rap/Sung collaboration?