Half the Animal, “Babylon”

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Haven’t heard of the band Half the Animal? Well listen to them right now, because you’re about to become obsessed – I know I am. They’re an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, made up of Chase Johnson, Nick Gross, Alex Asch, and Evan Smith. They’ve recently released their debut track, “Babylon,” and it’s amazing.

The track starts out and with some sustained chords before the drums and vocals start singing, “4 in the morning, I’m stumblin’ out the door, back the the place I’ve been so many times before.” The drums pick up and the sound is reminiscent of Imagine Dragon’s “It’s Time.” Half the Animal’s vocals are clear and strong as he sings, “I’ll keep on running, until I see the sun, then I’ll be waiting, you are my Babylon.” This song is refreshing and catchy, and has all the makings to become an instant hit. This track will definitely be my new summer anthem, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Half the Animal’s EP Shapes will be out on September 16th.