Jesse Jackson meets Cannibal Corpse

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These days, it can be tough to be an optimist. Hell, if you're alone you might as well be dead. But thankfully, The Daily Swarm has found something other than Chubby Hubby to take the pain away.

This would have been unthinkable forty years ago, when Jesse Jackson was calling disco “sex-rock…corrupting the minds and morals of our youth,” or even fifteen years ago, when Bob Dole called out Cannibal Corpse by name as an artist that promoted “mindless violence and loveless sex” (where was he for Sex and the CIty? How much meaningful sex did he have on Viagra?).

But in 2011, Jesse Jackson and Cannibal Corpse can shake hands in mutual respect and shared brotherhood, each party acknowledging the others' contribution to society. Yeah, Jesse probably hasn't heard of Cannibal Corpse, but even if he had, he'd probably know better than to “wave the bloody shirt” in front of the band that brought us “Meat Hook Sodomy.”

Had he stumbled upon Cannabis Corpse, maybe they would have had skulls full of bong hits.