Matt & Kim remixed by Mike D

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matt & kim

It pains me a little to do it, but I recall a time when everything that Mike D did was funky like Lee Dorsey. That was 16-years ago. This morning I am wondering what the fug sort of creative reward a grown and gray man like Mike D gets from turning Matt & Kim songs into techno remixes.

If this is the steez Mike D is on, the delay of Hot Sauce Committee Pt. II is in jeopardy of being the Beastie Boys record that tarnishes their legacy and (excuse the dramatics) negates 30 years of achievement – ring the alarm. Is it just me or does it sound like the “Cameras” remix samples bass hits from a Beastie's record like “Professor Booty” or one of the more thumping vignettes in “B-Boy Bouillabaisse”? Mike D what you gonna do…. GO AWOL!!! Right?

If you're purchasing this remix on iTunes, you're probably a 30-year old candy raver that can't let go or a 13-year old with zero knowledge of The Beastie Boys. Either way, this remixes' audience terrifies me.

Matt & Kim – Cameras (Mike D Remix) by mattandkim