Nasa Space Universe Go Beyond Earth

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Nasa Space Universe hail from Southern California. Their lyrics, though, almost incomprehensible, manage to follow the bands strict (not to mention, impressively innovative) aesthetic of bizarre humor and poetic science fiction. NSU have been around since 2006 in various capacities, have been played Nardwuar’s WFMU radio show and even have their own Wikipedia page, which is why it is absolutely nonsensical that this band isn’t better known.

Instead of listing the myriad of influences and sounds at play in the heart of NSU (I’ve read Die Kreuzen and Koro in more than a couple of places,) know that this band plays chaotic, fast hardcore with the best of them—and yet, manage a live performance that is as much of an act as it is a show. They’re weird and they have the talent to back it up.

Download a track from the band’s 2012 Tour Sampler here.

Nasa Space Universe, Tour Sampler Track