Bizarro Nathan Williams threatens to sue me over voicemail

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wavves nathan williams gives the finger

As the editor of Impose, I spend most of my days shaking hands with the people, smiling elusively, and promising reviews and contest winnings that I know full well I'll never follow through on. So it comes with the territory that people hate me with a deep passion, so deep, that they would threaten litigation through the voice of Bizarro Nathan Williams at 4:40 am.

I know at one point I promised to refer to him solely as “Wavves”, but when I woke up to this threatening voicemail (“Quit fucking with us or I might say you suck on Twitter”), I quickly started checking my extensive rolodex to figure his birth name out one more time.

Other choice moments from this masterpiece of tomfuckery include “I've got a pretty crazy manager and a lawyer now and I'm thinking about, like, starting to sue the shit out of people who start fucking with me.” (Fair. We did dislike that Target holiday track so bad it was basically libel.)

I really believed this was happening for about ten minutes, knowing in the back of my head the whole time that this guy has way cooler things to worry about. Things start to dip when he brings his girlfriend Bethany into the storyline. Then I realized Wavves doesn't sound this much like Beavis. But you know who does?

Nick Reinhart from Tera Melos, who got my number through Sean Stout, guy behind This Reinhart needs to put out a full-on prank call album. Have you seen the stickers on their latest album?

“Tera Melos are from California but one time they drove through Brooklyn, New York.”

“There was this time on tour when someone put the iPod on shuffle and a Talking Heads song came on.”

“Engineered by guys who have heard of Steve Albini.”


Pseudo Nathan Williams threatens to sue me over voicemail!

*For the record I've never smoked weed with Nathan Williams.