New Kurt Vile = nü dad rock

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John Agnello and Kurt Vile in NoHo

We love ourselves some Dire Straits, which is apparently a go-to definer of that great joke genre in the cloud, “dad rock”. So you can imagine our excitement to discover the direction Kurt Vile's been veering towards through his past few releases. Out with the freak, in with the mid-tempo flatulence, flanger guitar solos and sweet production values brought to us by one John Agnello.

It all starts to make sense once you learn that KV took a six week break in the middle of recording his new album to spend time with his wife and their newborn child. You can kind of imagine it: halfway through laying down some gruff verse over a beat-up guitar, he got the fateful call, rushed to the hospital, and was immediately transformed: Kurt Vile is a nü dad therefore his music is likewise made by and for nü dads.

Check the new limited 7-inch version of “In My Time” (out November 9) for your Dad.

Kurt Vile, “In My Time”