NONA, “Honey Money”

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Let’s just start this by saying we are BIG fans of NONA here at Impose. Michael Goldman – who has been part of a number of other musical projects over the years – has been killing it so far with his solo project, and we’ve got a hint at what’s to come with his forthcoming EP. His second single is “Honey Money”. Listen below.

Not what we were expecting. The song comes in hot, twangy and layered. Somehow, this song teeters on a very thin line between folk and indie pop. Then Michael’s vocals come in, as if delivered over a sound system or with a megaphone.Who are these women Michael speaks of? Gold diggers who don’t understand relationships. How infuriating, AMIRIGHT? But I will say it’s pretty great that there is a guy singing a song like this right now, showing us that men are emotional, communicative creatures as well. There is also an aspect in the way the vocals are timed out in the chorus that is slightly reminiscent of some songs in our favorite teen romantic comedies from the early 2000’s. Can’t quite pin it all down, but very 10 Things I Hate About You. Take that as you may, but we’re diggin’ it.