Oldermost, “Finally Unsure”

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Philly’s American pop/rock collective Oldermost continues to impress with their second single of the season. They worked on both singles initially in a cabin in upstate New York, finishing up production in their home studio in Philadelphia. The result of that studio time is exquisite. In August, they released “Honey with Tea”, a beautifully layered track that was done with the help of singer-songwriter Rosali. Their follow-up to the month’s most gorgeous song goes to “Finally Unsure”, the second release of August that is, quite honestly, bringing us to our knees.

The title itself suggests everything millennials (and – quite frankly – everyone) are going through right now, grasping at the fragments of lives we have yet to lead. It’s a paradox, and it made us extremely inquisitive about the track itself. Beginning with a low, steady beat intertwined with Bucknum’s signature soft crooning, the song is a mid-tempo dream of sound. “Finally Unsure” specifically addresses change and unknowing, but in a way that somehow, ultimately, calms our nerves.