“Only” by Aubergine MACHINE is Addicting as Fuck

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“Only,” the first single off the EP Wildlife by Indie Synth band Aubergine MACHINE, was released September 9. The single is unique because of its nearly unheard of conception. The band’s collaborators, House music-scene veteran Ian Carey and newcomer Shanti Ellis, decided to eschew convention and set-up shop on a tropical island. Literally. There, the duo produced the electronic and indie synth record of their dreams, all of which was crafted true to their artistic preferences down to the very last detail.

And, like we said, the end result is addicting. AF. It starts out sounding like it could be any basic mix, but proves itself to be much, much more. Gorgeous, clarifying vocals accompany the beat and music, yielding the most relaxing, grounding effect to have ever been produced by something that is primarily synthetic and electronic. There’s somehow more depth, likely due to the intoxicating effect of the chorus, making the overall quality of the sound like a high-tech lullaby of the modern age. Like we said, totally enamored.

If this is what happens when artists flee for the hills and stay true to their vision, there could be some merit to this practice. Artists, unite! That being said, we’ll wait until we hear the rest of what’s to come from Aubergine MACHINE before we go making any grandiose claims.