Phil Gammage, Used Man For Sale

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Never in our lives did we expect to actually want to listen to this authentic blues sound straight from another era. Listening feels like you’re listening to a record, sitting in an old saloon, probably drinking whiskey. We’re talking early 1900’s, in the Wild West, after a long day of panning for gold… Are we getting our eras mixed up? Hmm. Funny how the bar is dusty, even though we’re pretty the bars of the actual time were kept clean and we only think of them as dusty because they’re old

Here’s the thing: this is not our type of music. We’re not even into watching old movies… old as in early ‘90s, even Blade Runner couldn’t cut it for us. Any older than that and the grainy nature of the film is like nails on a chalkboard for this millennial baby. (Black & White? Forget about it.)

That being said, Phil Gammage is definitely a ghost from the Gold Rush Era slash Wild West frontier. He’s an old man, likely only exists in a translucent shade of ghost shade, and he definitely has a humongous handlebar mustache. He’s wearing jeans… but also a pair of chaps, and he’s got gigantic spurs on his ornate cowboy boots. A big ass cowboy hat, too.

Does he look like this IRL? We can only imagine so. And even though this blast from the past somehow time-traveled to our modern day, he’s lucky. We’re totally digging it. We’d even enjoy eating dinner to it. But his voice is as unique and smokey-rich as a Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley or freakin’ Frank Sinatra or something. This is petty amazing shiat.

Maybe past lives are real, because we’re really taking to this Blues music darn pretty well. It’s worth a listen, peeps.