Premiere: The Diarrhea Planet Shit-Cam

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Nashville, Tennessee's grunge-blast sextet Diarrhea Planet unveil a new virtual scheme called the Shit-Cam; watch the band shit in every town!

When it comes to all-dude bands, the most we can hope for is that one of them sounds different than the last eighteen hundred we wrote about. Coming up with a long list of all-guy band standouts is harder than it sounds because, well, there are a lot of bad ones out there who've been given too much attention that they don't deserve. On the flip side, the few and far between non-male bands that exist are—well, we don't know because we haven't written about any. Luckily for Nashville, Tennessee's latest and greatest cockrocking act with not one—but count 'em—4 guitar players, they don't even need a tripod to stand on to get us to rally around their latest album. Instead of the traditional music video, the down-and-dirty rockers have unveiled a new plan for their upcoming tour: they call it the Shit-Cam. Hell yeah, brody!

While the band goes on the road—six dudes in a van; what could go wrong?—they've brought with them six handy GoPro cameras that they are bound by contract stipulation to wear while they drop a deuce. Or several! It's an interactive tour experience like you've never heard or seen before. As you know, bands like Diarrhea Planet only come around once every two to three days and when they swing by, dicks hanging low, to a town near you, they'll be shredding off your nutsack hair before you know it. The sound is as if DUCK DICK and HORSE DICK shit out a baby. The sextet's magic formula for slaying harder than taint sweat can be attributed to irrelevant Sublime shoutouts and childish lyrics about women totally ballbusting them in child support cases—but that's why they rule, and with the invention of the Shit-Cam, you're gonna get a whole lot more of Diarrhea Planet than you thought you even needed. Just visit any participating website on your smartphone or iPad or GameBoy for all your brown-sound updates from the road. The Shit-Cam video stream plays a Zeppelin live set from '68 that's going to put you right in the mood for all the ass-vision your eye-face can handle. It might make you not even come out to the shows because really, you've heard it all before. The question is: which came first—Diarrhea Planet or the Shit-Cam?