Shots Fired: Perez Hilton vs. Will.I.Am

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If you missed the backstory: Perez Hilton thought The Black Eyed Peas' new song was shitty (which it is), Will.I.Am confronted Perez at a club, Perez called him a faggot, BEP's manager busted Perez's face up and Perez releases true gold in an 11-minute (11-minute!) video statement. Here are some of the choice quotes from the video so you don't have to waste 11 minutes (11 minutes) of your life like I did:

“You're a fag. You're gay and stop being such a faggot.”

“I can't believe people are getting this upset for me not liking their music, or me saying Fergie is fugly.”

“Another person should never be hit. That's why people die.”

“I love what you did with the Pussycat Dolls.”

“You think Fergie's happy with what happened? I hope not. I think Fergie's ashamed of you. And Polo.”

“Even though Gaga had a bodyguard, what if one of these guys had a gun?!”

“I could have told Will.I.Am I hope he dies. I could have told him I hope Fergie sits on a stick and impales herself.”

“So when the police are taking their time and they're not coming and I'm freaking out, I took to Twitter…And that was my very public cry for help.”

“Fuck you, WIll.I.Am for lying! Shame on you. God is looking down on you and shaming you.”

Or do waste those 11 minutes:

Part 1

Part 2

Perez's tone is especially classy because of how he seems to think he represents victimhood when in he's really the voice of every frat guy who ever got drunk at a bar, talked a bunch of shit, and got their ass beat for talking all that shit.

And if there's one quote that encapsulates this, it's: “I like writing about other people's drama. I don't want drama in my own life.” It reminds me of the old adage by one Lil Jon: “If you don't start no shit there won't be no shit”. It's not so fun drawing a penis on your own face, is it? You spend your life mocking drug addiction, divorce and mental breakdowns and you called a rapper a faggot. What did you think was going to happen?

And let's not delve into what it means for one of America's most famous gay figures to tell one of our most famous musicians they need to stop being gay because it's faggot shit. Perez Hilton, the new Harvey Milk, if Harvey Milk never did anything but hate on people and color his hair.