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Lower Walk On Heads

Last week I wrote a bit about some of the music currently coming out of Copenhagen with the help of Danish blog Passive/Aggressive. One of the acts I had the pleasure to write about was Lower, the chokingly addictive quartet, who have recently made their EP, Walk on Heads, available to stream online.

Four songs, Eight minutes. “Walk on Heads,” is absolutely lean, raw meat, cuts the fat with a switchblade. It is oppressive in a way that is inviting, as if the band has found a way to turn frustration into a clangourous celebration.There are few bands as intoxicating as Lower. Walk on Heads, as aggressively sexual as much as it is undeniable frightening, is without a doubt the best EP I have heard this year. “Pictures of Passion,” a highlight of the EP, dominates not only the entirety of the EP but punk itself–something topically relevant (“oppress the crowd”) and transencental. There are very few times in which I've found myself liking music so much I wanted to touch it. This is why we fell in love with physical music in the first place, this is why we will continue to do so in the future, this is why Lower might be one of the best bands of 2012.

Walk on Heads has been repressed on Danish label Escho. Blind Prophet, Patron Saint of Heaven Street Records and member of Cult of Youth’s label, will release the EP stateside. The band will also release a new 7” on Austin label 540 Records (ran by Chaos In Tejas mastermind Timmy Hefner) in October.