The Orange Kyte, “The Lone Rooster”

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If you’ve been following the experimental music project of Vancouver’s The Orange Kyte, which began in January, then you’ve already been exposed to some great music from them. For the year of 2016, The Orange Kyte, which consists of Stevie Moonboots and various guests, release a new single every month for the year of 2016.

July’s single is called “The Lone Rooster”, a summer-y psychedelic tune that kind of reminds me of a more relaxed Ramones song. Along with Stevie Moonboots, “The Lone Rooster” features Robbie Brady of Exploding Eyes. The Facebook page for The Orange Kyte describes them as “dreampoppy, shoegazey, and droney.” For sure, the music video is full of neon colors and an odd assortment of images that somehow go together.

You can listen “The Lone Rooster” below.

“The Lone Rooster” is available now.