Ummagma & A.R.Kane,"Winter Tale"

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A cross-generational collaboration.


In a co-presented new single, with 3 distinct versions, it is natural to wonder how the pioneer of dreampop (A.R.Kane) synced up with Ummagma. The Canadian-Ukranian dreampop duo of Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov, however, began in Moscow as an affair of love and sound.


Compared to the likes of Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, Talk Talk, and Snow Patrol, Ummagma began in 2003. Meeting at an acoustic guitar concert, their relationship took a romantic turn, and eventually developed into a marriage and musical partnership we appreciate today.
Recognized and awarded the 3rd best album of the year in 2012 for two independently released albums (Ummagma Antigravity), Alex handles all instruments, recording, mixing, mastering, and video editing. Shauna takes on vocals, composition, lyrics and general management.


Vaunted by AllMusic as “the most criminally under-recognized band of their era,” Rudy Tambala and A.R.Kane’s story are an important one to tell. Unafraid to create for the sake of creation itself, Tambala finds that:

“Music as a medium is infinitely expansive. It is so hard to capture the essence of it, in words. I rarely listen to new msic now, I am disappointed continuously by the controlled, bland, premeditated arrogance and vanity of the generation of Facebook music that is oozing out of the web. I am inspired by my family and the few people that I would call my friends, especially those that continuously prove me wrong, to try to make a difference and kick against the pricks, against ignorance, stupidity, violence and bigotry, against blandness. Those for creativity. Those that understand that love is all you need, and embody this in everyday actions, when they are able.” -Big Takeover Magazine interview with Rudy Tambala of A.R.Kane

We feel this captures the true sentiment, vision, and perspective of Rudy, cultivated over a couple decades of valuable work, that we could delve into. If you would like to dig more into the background of A.R.Kane, and the incredible influence and mastery of their groundwork, please do so here.


Music is not often created for the sake of existing in itself. Its creation and influence is inherently human, not simply in its origin, but in its message and the experience it imparts on those who encounter it.
Rudy Tambala’s collaboration with Ummagma is a cross-generational outreach, largely bred by the budding friendship between the groups in the past year, surrounding their involvement with The Veldt.
“Winter Tale” is a compelling creation, vocals front and center, feedback spitting throughout. Best of all, as a followup to the holiday season, these tracks (3 versions: Original, A.R.Kane Mix 69 Style, A.R.Kane Mix Radio Edit) are a gift. For yourself, for your friends and family, for anyone, as music ought to be created and shared for its own sake.


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