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Swaggin' out poolside with Poppa Sacks

While our civic leaders debate our national debt ceiling, the HuffPo reinterpreted Amy Winehouse's passing as an abstract lesson for small business entrepreneurs, Noel Gallagher proved High Flying Bird a flying bummer that only served to bolster his bro's dodgy antics, and Bjork brought the track/album hype via iPhone app while mining her 90s style with slight 2k11 approved modifications.

Freestyle Fellowship has announced that sometime this October we will see the quintet release their long awaited album The Promise on Decon Records. With information scarce at this moment, we are told that production duties were handled by Eligh, with the featured track “We Are” presenting the free-styling veterans reasserting their important place in the game. Always good to see the old prosodic guard maintaining their rightful rule in the ever shape-shifting field of hip-hop. Tracklisting is as follows:

01 Introduction
02 We Are
03 The Write Here
04 Step 2 the Side
05 Ambassadors
06 Dart
07 Gimme
08 Government Lies
09 Introspective
10 Daddies
11 Candy
12 Know the Truth
13 Popular
14 Promise

Both Super Vacations and Eternal Summers are coming out with with a 7-inch split August 2 on Funny/Not Funny Records.

The Vacations' lead off track “Picnic” packs the punch of a surf party picnic ran aground by biker bullies with bikini-clad girlfriends busting out in gratuitous displays of go-go dancing.

Eternal Summers' “On My Honor” resounds with that classic beauty that inspired the 80s indie rock boom. The name comes from one of the most storied seasons next to all the sad-bastard merits of winter woe, beautiful vocals, even prettier guitar and the soundtrack to that special summer romance with that special someone. Lovely.

Veronica Falls are building up the release of their self-titled debut with little tidbits and tastes of their macabre tinged romance tales and all the doomed sentiment that puts Glasgow on the map. The following video for “Come on Over” will provide you with heaps of sporadic acrobatics, random acts of dancing, with all vintage VHS feel you can handle. Look for Veronica Falls' self-titled September 20 on Slumberland.

And if more Slumberland artists and sounds are what you crave, the label just put out this little 35 minute showcase of their contemporary sounds for promotional intent and good will to all.

Widowspeak will be releasing their debut August 15 on Captured Tracks, but they first want to share “Nightcrawlers” to get more buzz from the world's hungry ears. No, this is not a lost Cat Power track from the early oughts, but Molly Hamilton's voice that lulls in a manner that makes most other seafaring sirens pale by comparison.

With It's All True tearing up the charts, Junior Boys are taking on the world in full support of their Domino Release. Seek out the date, time details for yourself but enjoy this Stay + remix of “Banana Ripple” until the Fall takes us.

For the uninitiated that know the Vivian Girls only through the blog swamps, SoundCloud bytes, or one of their myriad offshoot bands/collaborations, or that friend who knows someone who knows somebody that knows Cassie Ramone quite well, there are reasons aplenty why people love the 'Girls and their recent Polyvinyl release ofShare the Joy. Should you need another introductory moment with the band, might we recommend the charming video for “Take it as it Comes”, with all the early girl group clichés of waiting by the phone and calling up the girlfriends with spoken word sentiments galore.

While setting out on a National American tour with the Horrors, Stepkids seem to be enjoying themselves despite the strange pairing. Their super Limited Edition Direct to Disc Live LP is out now and you can enjoy a taste of “Sweet Salvation” from the Direct To Disc session here. Check your listings for showtimes.

Off of Lincoln Way Nights, Stalley released a video for “Pound” that provides a wild cross section of American dreams, illusions, aspirations, and delusions through an assemblage of found television footage with an air of futurism. The video editing punctuates Stalley's flow well, illuminating an artist in his own right amid collaborations with many of your favorites, and so much more than a sports themed music maker for ESPN. You can find Lincoln Way Nights here:

And finally the third installment of Austra's residency at Room 205 with “Spellwork.”

It looks like the chill-y wave-y riders have more mp3 fodder for beach gazing exercises with “Fallout” from the upcoming Neon Indian album Era Extraña . If this post-apocalyptic break-up ditty is any indication, Extraña will be all the talk from your friends who thought Toro Y Moi's Underneath the Pine was an 80s sellout effort that completely forsook chill principles. You be the judges, dear readers/listeners.

Amid karaoke renditions of tracks from their forthcoming album Trust Now, Prince Rama have debuted the thunderous “Rest in Peace”. Recorded in a church, the new track sounds like a Sunni radio station post-dhuhr prayers with electric keys that buzz within the mix of chants from Nimai and Taraka Larson. Trust Now will earn yours October 4 via Paw Tracks.

Twin Sister dropped the video for their dance floor masher “Bad Street”, incorporating all the grooves you loved about early to late 90s progressive houses through the spontaneity and charm reworked through the group's modern ear and desire to recreate decades past dance music nostalgia with charm. The video takes place during a backyard day/night party at singer Andrea Estella's family's house in Long Island where the friends and family boogie down on the homestead.

In a conversation recently with Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger on her solo outing, she divulged allusions to the solo task her brother and fellow Furnace Matt has been involved with in creating some eight albums through the means of a single instrument per album. Reaching directly to the fans, Matt Friedberger has used album subscriptions as direct means for receiving the the eight works upon their release. First up is Cut it Out coming to us August 16 (for the record store oriented non-subscriber) on the heels of Old Regimes, Meet Me in Miramas, and Napoléonette

You can sample a track from each solo record so far right here:

“Meet Me in Miramas” from Meet Me in Miramas:
“Shirley” from Napoléonette:

Some weeks back I recall championing the talents of Youth Lagoon's Trevor Powers as another bedroom rocker that you need to hear. “July” ups the emotional ante of “Montanna,” bringing full power that showcases what one can do with self-arranged minimalism by way of creating maximum audio effect. Oh, and it's named after this month too, I just now noticed that.

Got to hand it to Sacred Bones and the eclectic array of artists coming from their label wellspring. Case Studies is the new project from Dutchess and Duke's Jesse Lortz, who is finding his inner chi through creative writing outlets, new solo adventures in music and from what we hear, jewelry making. Lortz has our blessing as his songwriting is an intriguing survey of lost loves and their strange attachments. The album The World Is Just a Shape To Fill the Night comes our way August 16 on Sacred Bones.

MP3: Case Studies, “My Silver Hand”

“Lies” offers up more earnest acoustic balladry from Lortz.

MP3: Case Studies, “Lies”

And get up and close and cozy in the studio with Mr. Lortz singing his heart out here with “Daggers:”

Moondoggies are going the way of the Byrds circa Sweetheart of the Rodeo by taking a stab at Dylan's Basement Tapes masterpiece, “You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.” So if you don't mind going through the Facebook hoops, this new cover could be yours.Catch the 'Doggies on the road this summer in a town near you.