Chroma Bay, "Gravitational" (DeModa Remix)

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

When it comes to remixes, the most exciting premise for one is when two on the rise talents are brought together to further amplify one another’s creativity. Even better is when a remix team up connects artists from different continents.
Such is the case with UK-based duo Chroma Bay‘s single “Gravitational” which has just received a new sheen from the NYC artist and producer DeModa. Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the “Gravitational” remix today.
“I’m so grateful to Chroma Bay and their team for asking me to remix ‘Gravitational,'” shares DeModa. “The vocals were catchy and fun and easy to work with. I used a marimba in the verses to complement the summer tropical vibe and kept the percussion bouncy to make sure it was still good for the dance floor. The vocal chop was the final piece of the puzzle, where I cut up Ben’s vocals and pitched them up 12 semitones using Waves SoundShifter.”
The remix comes in the middle of a hot streak for both entities as Chroma Bay continues to elevate in the UK festival circuit while DeModa’s Lucid Dreams EP continues to gain traction amassing hundreds of thousands of streams.
To get a better sense of what went into the “Gravitational” remix, we sent DeModa some interview questions. Check it all out below and be sure to follow Chroma Bay and DeModa on Spotify for more.

What qualities do you look for when you decide to remix a track?
For me, the vocals have to be catchy. They’re most important because at the bare minimum I can create a whole new instrumental around the vocals. It does help if the original instrumental has a unique riff that stands out and makes you automatically think of the song when you hear it.
What’s your approach?
Usually I load the vocals into the Maschine 2 software and bang on the drum pad until something interesting seeps out of my fingers.
What were your first thoughts when you first heard “Gravitational”?
The first thing I thought was how exciting and fun this remix would be. The vocals were catchy, the beat was tight and minimal, leaving enough room to really experiment with it.
Do you see yourself slotting “Gravitational” into your live show? How would you play it?
Definitely. I’d use my Komplete s49 to loop the marimba chords in the beginning, and my Roland Octapad to beat on the drums in the hook.
You recently dropped your Lucid Dreams EP. Aside from the remix, what have you been working on since?
I’ve mostly been working on my live performance getting ready for some shows in NYC (wink wink Aug 3rd at Pianos) and I have a few songs finished, so hopefully getting ready for another EP release soon.
Number one artist you’d like to remix one of your originals?
I’d love to hear what Craves would come up with. His fusion of Funk/R&B/Electronic is unlike anything else out right now.